Get a franchise for commercial cleaning in Australia

commercial cleaningBetter business will always be promoted by a neat and clean working place. All your jobs will be done by you with much more energy, if you work in a clean office with clean environment. But cleaning a large commercial space is not as easy as it seems to be. Lot of experience and professional techniques are needed to do this difficult job.

Cleantastic is a well known company in Australia, famous for running the best commercial cleaning franchise in the city. You can avail the services of the franchises both during evening and daytime in Cleantastic. A lot of franchises are being run by Cleantastic in Australia. The team of Cleantastic is considered to be the leader in the field of commercial cleaning. They have 20 years of high experience in commercial cleaning with more than 8000 satisfied clients throughout Australia.

  • What is a Cleantastic ​franchise?

Cleantastic franchise is actually your own business of commercial cleaning with the help of high experienced experts. The right to use support, technical expertise, name and commercial cleaning business system will be given to you after purchasing a license of Cleantastic. Business cards, manuals, equipment and comprehensive training will also be received by you, when a franchise will be purchased by you. Every essential thing, even the client base will also be shared with you to start a new business with Cleantastic. The size of the business will have to be chosen by you, before finalising any decision.

  • Why is Cleantastic is so successful?

The high success of Cleantastic is particularly because of their high quality service. All the services they offer are high in standard which ultimately leads to high customer satisfaction. All the clients of Cleantastic get what they really want to have from a renowned cleaning company. Well trained people carry out a professional cleaning service and are proud of their quality of service.

  • Are there any ongoing fees?

Yes there are ongoing fees of purchasing franchise. An ongoing royalty and administration fee are charged by Cleantastic just like many other franchise systems. You can ask your master franchisee to know about the whole system in details.

  • Is it possible to start out part time?

The business of full time is taken by lots of the franchises of Cleantastic. You can also run the smaller packages on a part-time basis. A small business is better to start and put some time and effort to make it successful.

  • Is there a guarantee of work?

A specific written guarantee is provided by Cleantastic to all those who will purchase a franchise. Cleantastic will offer a set amount of work to you to be completed within a set period. You will be paid money by Cleantastic, if the set amount of work cannot be provided to you by Cleantastic. The guarantee obviously comes with some applied conditions. A member of the Cleantastic team will fully explain you about the terms and condition of the guarantee.

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