Robert Duggan CEO – An Innovative and Successful Business Leader

Successful Business LeaderTo achieve success in any endeavor, you need to be wise, determined and innovative. No one illustrates this better Robert W. Duggan, a man who has overcome tremendous odds and succeeded in business and life through sheer determination, ingenuity and being wise. Duggan is the kind of person who knows what he wants, and goes for it. He is also a very resilient person who has a knack for turning disappointment and failure into opportunities for success. From running a new startup to overseeing a well established brand, Duggan has truly proven himself as a great team leader, entrepreneur and businessperson, in addition to being a philanthropist who has founded and endowed many institutions and causes.

Goal-Oriented Team Building
Having been in business for many years, Duggan knows how creating an effective team can be the difference between success and failure, regardless of what industry you are in. His experience has earned him many ideas, skills and knowledge in assembling effective and committed teams that focus on achieving the entire business’s objectives. Duggan understands the importance of hiring the right people and setting of productivity goals of which the team is expected to meet as they work on the specific project. As such, each of the team members will be able to work in a proactive and organized manner.

Commitment to Business Success
Duggan commitment to business is second to none. He is always focused on how his organization can be of the utmost service, and never gives up on fulfilling the organization’s sole purpose. Even though a few of his business ventures resulted in failure, he learned from his mistakes, thus improving on his future endeavors.
Duggan knows the importance of having strong commitment and belief in every business venture he embarks on. This is actually the main reason why he has had remarkable success despite encountering a myriad of challenges. Duggan always ensures that he has a clever system that works and the right team – which are the main ingredients of business success.

Extensive Business, Technical, And Operational Experience
Duggan is an accomplished business professional with a passionate ambition to succeed and add value to the organizations, people and teams he works with. He has built up extensive experience over the years in the technology and health industries, encompassing leadership roles in early-stage entrepreneurial business ventures, medium sized enterprises and in large companies.
Duggan served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Computer Motion Inc. from 1990 until 2003, having been the company’s CEO from 1997. After leaving Computer Motion Inc., he served on the Board of Directors of Pharmacylics before he became the company’s CEO. In 2003, Computer Motion and Intuitive Surgical Inc. merged, and Duggan became a member of Intuitive Surgical’s Board of Directors. In the end, he decided to leave the company to pursue other exciting business ventures, which have equally earned him amazing success.

Awards and Recognitions
Following his remarkable achievements in business, Duggan has earned a number of awards in recognition of his entrepreneurial skills and leadership. In 1985, Duggan received the US Congressman’s Medal of Merit from Ron Paul, M.D., a former presidential candidate of the U.S. He was also given the Legion of Honor award by the French Republic in 2000, in addition to receiving a special recognition by Jacques Chirac, the former president of France.

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